St. Augustine Tax Attorney/Lawyer

The attorneys at St. Johns Law Group can help you solve IRS tax issues or issues with other tax agencies. If the IRS claims that you owe back taxes, we can use a variety of legal tactics to discharge, compromise, settle, or appeal their claims. As always, we offer a free first-time legal consultation to discuss any of these issues you may have.

Tax Discharge

Certain taxes owed can be discharged in bankruptcy. There are complex rules that regulate which taxes can be discharged, but we can discuss this in your free consultation.

Tax Compromise

One method for dealing with back taxes is to try and reach a compromise with the IRS. This is accomplished by submitting an Offer in Compromise to the IRS and then negotiating with the IRS to get the Offer approved.

Tax Settlement

Tax issues can also be settled in the Appeals branch of the IRS. The Appeals branch resolves more than 100,000 cases per year. The Appeals branch offers many different avenues for settling tax issues, but it is important to choose the avenue that is best for your particular situation.

Appeal to Tax Court, District Court, or the Court of Federal Claims

If appealed timely, tax issues can be appealed to the Tax Court, District Court, or the Court of Federal Claims. Generally, if the disputed taxes have not been paid, then an appeal would be to the Tax Court. If, however, the disputed tax has been paid and a refund is sought, then one would appeal to either the District Court or the Court of Federal Claims.